About Us

We make games! The RPI Game Development Club provides an environment for game developers of all sorts and skills, from dedicated students to local hobbyists, to create great new experiences and promote a vibrant local community. We are also an official IGDA Student Chapter.

The club hosts multiple Game Jams every semester and arranges the Rensselaer Game Showcase at the end of each fall semester.

Weekly Meetings

Our main club meetings are Wednesdays at 8 PM in Russell Sage Lab 2510. We arrange activities, presentations and discussions during this time, and typically host guest speakers about once a month.

Development meetings take place on Saturdays at 2 PM in Sage Laboratories 2411.  This time is dedicated to people that need a place to work on projects with their peers.  From 2 PM to 4pm we hold workshops which focus on and teach one or two specific concepts related to game development, although it will be canceled when there are Saturday club events, such as Game Jams.  These also serve as the primary meeting time for our club’s big semester projects.


Email us at gamedev-officers@union.rpi.edu and like our Facebook page to stay updated about our activities.

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