Game Jam – 5/10/14

The last game jam of the year will be tomorrow, May 10th!  We know you’re all busy studying (not really), so this is an 8-hour game jam.  Join us at 11:00 in Sage 2510, and see what amazing things you can make by 7:00!

Edit:  The theme is “Everybody Wins”.


Dreamkind coming to RPI

Announcement!  The game development company Dreamkind will be visiting RPI this Wednesday to talk about their company and employment opportunities.  Join us at 7:00 in Sage 2510 on 4/16/13 (1 hour before our normal meeting time).  There will be pizza and drinks.


Game Jam – 3/29/2014

The theme for the 24-hour Game Jam is “cheating”! Get back to Sage 2510 on Sunday the 30th at 1 PM for pizza and to have your game judged!


Game Jam – Saturday 3/29

Calling all artists, programmers, designers, moral supporters, and anyone interested in making games! Our next 24-hour game jam is this weekend, Saturday 1:00 PM in Sage 2510. Remember, no prior experience is required. See you there!


Game Jam 2/22/13

Game Jam this week!  Come, meet new people, and make a game in 24 hours.

When: 1:00 Saturday 2/22  to 1:00 Sunday 2/23

Where: Sage 2510

See you there!

UPDATE: The theme is “Pick two of the three verbs: Attract, Split, Expand.”  Good luck!


Meeting Updates 2/4/14

At our last Wednesday meeting, we discussed games that members have spent over 100 hours playing!  As a reminder, tomorrow, February 5th we will travel to IDGA Albany in downtown Troy.


Game Jam 12/7/13

The theme for today’s Game Jam is “broken”! Get to Sage 2510 with your game based on the theme at 7 PM for pizza and prizes!


Last IGDA Albany meeting of the semester

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for another IGDA Albany meeting! At tonight’s meeting, Rob Gallerani, Senior Designer at Vicarious Visions, will be presenting a talk called “Character Balancing in Skylanders: SWAP Force.”

We leave from the third floor lobby in Sage Labs at 6 PM to walk to Bootlegger’s, so be sure to get there on time to mingle with independent developers and have some fun!


Vicarious Visions “Skylanders: Swap Force” Q&A

On Wednesday November 21st, Nicolas Ruepp lent the Game Development Club his time to answer our questions on the development of  ”Skylanders: Swap Force”. This Senior Producer provided a unique look into the process of creating not just any game, but a AAA title that took three years to develop for kids!


Game Jam 9/21/13

The theme of today’s Game Jam is “BOX”! Interpret the theme however you want and incorporate it into your game. Be sure to come back to Sage 2510 at 1 PM tomorrow/Sunday!

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