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Engine 2D/3D IDE Scripting Language Platforms Cost Difficulty Level Notes
Unity Both Yes C#, .NET JavaScript, Boo Everything Free for personal use, Pro licensing Easy High-level Better-suited to 3D than 2D, improving
GameMaker 2D Yes GML (C syntax, Pythonic style) Everything Free, Pro licensing Easy High-level Very good 2D engine
Pygame 2D No Python Personal Computers Free Easy Low-level Great for learning, noticeable framerate issues, not well-suited to large projects
Haxe 2D No Haxe Everything (maybe not consoles) Free Medium-Hard Low-level Modeled after Flash's scripting language and pipeline, knowing flash significantly lowers barrier to entry
C++/OGRE Both No None Everything Free Hard Low-level Not for the faint of heart
From scratch (C++/SDL/OpenGL/...) Both No If you make it Whatever you can support Free Very Hard Very low-level A great learning experience, but overall very difficult to use