Fall 2015 Game Jam Schedule

  1. September 19th – 20th starting at 2 PM
    lasting 24 hours
  2. October 21st starting at 7 PM lasting 3 hours
  3. November 7th – 8th starting at 2 PM lasting 24 hours
  4. December 12th starting at 12 PM lasting 8 hours

About Game Jams

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is a game development contest with a short time limit.  Teams of developers race against the clock to develop games from scratch which fit a randomly selected theme.  Our Game Jams last anywhere from 8 to 30 hours.  At the end of the event, pizza is served and games are presented to a panel of judges.

What are the rules?

There aren’t many rules to a Game Jam.  The most important rule is to start from scratch; you can’t create an entire game ahead of time, then adjust it to fit the theme.  With that said, the use of third-party game engines and/or libraries is allowed, provided that they are available to the public (commercial engines are permitted, provided you own a license).

Other than that, most rules are just common sense.  Nothing overly vulgar or obscene should feature in your game; shoot for keeping it rated T or lower, though this is a loose rule.  Don’t steal other people’s resources, and don’t do other things that are bad.

I’ve never made a game. I don’t have a team. I’m not from RPI. Can I still participate?

Definitely!  Game Jams are a great way to learn how to make games because they put you into the action.  We recommend joining a team with a few other eager or experienced members.  Check out our resources page to get a head-start on learning.  If you choose to work alone, you may find that using Creative Commons and public domain assets can save you a lot of time.

When and where are game jams?

The Game Development Club holds 3 game jams every semester, roughly at the beginning, middle, and end.  We post the times for upcoming jams in updates on this site, the Facebook page, and the Google Calendar.

Game Jams are generally in room 2510 of the Sage Laboratory on RPI’s campus. Parking is available for free along Sage Ave on the weekend. Here’s a Google Maps link near the closest parking lot. The CDTA 90 route has a stop by this intersection (11th and Sage).


At the intersection of 11th and Sage, there is a brick crosswalk. Follow this path up some stairs (away from the lot) and past Troy Building (look for the sign). Beyond Troy Building is ’86 Field. Turn right and follow the road. Sage Lab is straight ahead (the first building past Troy Building). There are some stairs next to the turn in the road that lead down to a side entrance.